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Call for Papers 2014

  • October 17, 2013
  • written by Felix

We’re happy to announce that the call for papers for mdevcon is now open! Mdevcon is a two-day conference on mobile development; to be held on the 7th and 8th of March in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The call for papers starts now and will close on the 22th of December 2013. We’re looking for people that have interesting knowledge to share or want to talk about their experience with mobile technology. If that’s you, go ahead and fill out our CfP form!


Since we’re a mobile developers conference, the target audience for the conference is mobile developers, developers getting started with mobile development, senior developers, technical team leaders, architects and IT professionals interested in mobile development.


The conference will be focussed on sessions that help developers master the technical skills they need and gain more knowledge. We welcome talks on all mobile platforms, most notably iOS, Android and Windows. The topics we’re looking for should have a focus on the technology side of things. We’re all geeks at heart, so we love to know what makes stuff work. Topics include but are not restricted to the following:

  • Mobile development frameworks and libraries
  • Mobile software architecture
  • Mobile software platforms (iOS, Android or other)
  • Hardware platforms integration (tablets, phones, …)
  • Application development tools and workflow
  • User interfaces and layouts
  • Mobile software security
  • Testing and quality assurance on mobile projects
  • Open source mobile technologies
  • Application performance and scalability
  • Mobile development platforms
  • Mobile back-ends and API development

We’re open to other topics as well, so if you think the topic you would like to speak about would interest our audience but is not in the list, do not hesitate to submit anyway. We’re looking for breakout sessions of 45 minutes, keynotes and half or full day tutorial sessions.

Speaker package

You are eligible for the speaker package if your topic is chosen for the conference. Speaker benefits include an invite to the speaker’s dinner and getting a full conference pass with meals and drinks included. International speakers also get full travel reimbursement and a hotel stay in Amsterdam.

How to submit

If you decided on submitting to mdevcon, here are a few guidelines. Because we want to reach a large audience, all talks should be in English. Keep your abstracts short and concise, but give us enough information to be able to judge your entry. Use the ‘remarks’ field for everything else you need to tell us. If you’re a relatively new speaker, tell us about your speaking experience, and any general ‘you need to select this talk because…’ stuff can go in the remarks as well. You can submit as many talks as you want, just use the submission form multiple times to fill in the talk details.

The form can be found here.

Final notes

The CfP starts today and will close on Sunday, December 22th. We’re as excited as can be to receive the papers and we’re looking forward to read all the different proposals. If you have any other questions about the conference or the CfP, do not hesitate to contact us!

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